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USO Sightings

Updated 26.1.2014 Water covers a vast majority of our planet. About 70 percent is covered in ocean, and the average depth is several thousand feet (about 1,000 meters).  So is it really any wonder that many of the UFOs we see also  submerge in water - becoming unidentified submarine/submerged objects - and use water as a base or place to visit/hide? The perfect place. Here are some of those sightings associated with such crafts. These are also included in the general listings.

1945 M/S Franklin D Roosevelt - UFO Files:Deep Sea UFOs(at13m30s) -

1967-0630-1815 Captain Ardanza and crew onboard the Argentinian ship "Naviero" recognized a cylindrical-shaped object in the sea about 120 miles off coast of southern Brazil. The object emited a blue-white light - the intensity of it was the same everywhere. It was approximately 33 metres long. There came no noise and there were no waves! While the crew was watching the strange submarine it changed its course in direction of the "Naviero", accelerated and dived under the ship, and disappeared in the deeper sea. - UFO EVIDENCE - Water UFO -
1967-1004-2320 Shag Harbour incident - the impact of an unknown large object into waters near a small fishing village Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Four orange lights are seen by several people, lights which then dive in a 45 degree angle into the water. - HubPagesCryptid - UFO Casebook - Wiki -
1976-0430-1715-> A USO breaks with great power through the ice of Lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden. The ice was still over 20 cm thick, but three witnesses report about a grey object about 10 meters long tearing a channel through the ice -it caused an over 800 metres long and 4 metres wide "channel" in the ice while it was moving and cracking with a speed of nearly 100 km/h before it was flying up to the sky without any damage! - UFO EVIDENCE - Water UFO -
1978-1021-1912 The Valentich Disappearance. 20-year-old Frederick Valentich is flying his Cessna 182 over Bass Strait in Australia when he observes an unknown craft accompanying him. He informs the air traffic control, and then the radio dies. No trace of a possible crash is found. The UFO was also captured on film by a ground-based witness, seen ascending from the sea. - The radio transmission - UFO Casebook - Wiki
1980-0726-1930 The engines of the Brazilian ship "Caioba-Seahorse" suddenly stop off the coast of Brazil. The sailors see a grey round object drifting in the water. At the same time a bright light appears on the horizon, comes closer to the ship, and approaches the USO. The above light - now seen as a bright disc shaped object - sinks down to the USO and connects with it. Both objects then rise from the water, hover for a few minutes over the sea and then accelerate with very high speed up to the sky and disappear. - UFO EVIDENCE - Water UFO -
1992-1220 Near Langeness. Iceland's Navy tracks three large UFOs as they are coming down and entering the sea off the east coast of Iceland. Other witnesses confirm seeing these UFOs, and they were also tracked on radar. - National UFO Center -
1992-1221 Iceland. Some Icelandic fishermen report seeing large underwater craft, with flashing colored lights. They appeared to be tracked by (or be tracking) a glowing object in the sky traveling southward in the direction of Scotland. The underwater craft caused a lot of damage to the fishermen's trawler nets. The fishermen were used to submarine activity in the area, but said these particular craft were definitely not normal submarines - they moved too fast through the water, had flashing lights, and were far larger than anything they had seen before. Two days later Icelandic Navy and coastguard joined by NATO ships start investigating the area. - according to newspapers 'tracking large underwater craft, thought to be a new breed of Russian super submarine'. The operation continues for months. - AlienInvestigator: AtlanticAlienBase (excerpt from the 1999 book by Tony Dodd) - Crowded Skies - National UFO Center - UFO Planet -
2005-1008-0705 52-year old Catholic lay minister George Gregory Matanjun and his wife witness a UFO emerging from the sea in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and then fly towards the local airport. The UFO had a curved top and a round large ball-like bottom. - UFO Evidence -
2013-1008 USO sighting. Filmed during a boat trip from the Island of Pag to the main land in Croatia. Like so often is the case, there are no splashes at the dive, and some kind of blue light is seen just before the dive which could have something to do with the of absence of splashes. - UFOFilesTV(2m02s) -  

UFO Files: Deep Sea UFOs (45m15s) -

ARK TV Transciption of UFO Files - ATS - HubPagesbyCryptid - UFO Casebook - UFO EVIDENCE -

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