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UFO Sightings Chronology

Updated 4.2.2014 Here follows a chronological list of ufo sightings around the world, with links to the individual cases when possible. The time is given as "year-month-day-hour-minute". Photo on the right taken by Billy Meier.

1492-1011-2200 Christopher Columbus and Pedro Gutierrez observe 'a light glimmering at a great distance' onboard Santa Maria during the first voyage to the Americas - actually just a few hours before land was sighted. The light reappeared several times during the night, each time dancing up and down 'in sudden and passing gleams'. - UFO Evidence - Wiki:VoyagesOfChristopherColumbus -
1676-03xx Astronomer Edmond Halley saw a 'vast body apparently bigger than the moon' at some 40 miles above him which made a noise 'like the rattling of a great cart over stones'.  He also concluded that it moved faster than 9,600 m.p.h. - UFO Evidence -
1865-091x Trapper James Lumley witnesses a bright, luminous body in the skies in Missouri, USA. He then hears an explosion, and later finds a path cut through the forest, left by the fallen object. There are hieroglyphic-like symbols on the object's surface. His story is related in The Missouri Democrat - UFO Casebook -
1878-0102 Texas farmer John Martin is credited with one of the first uses of the term 'flying saucer' as he sees a dark object in the sky while out hunting.  This story is related in Denison Daily News - UFO Casebook -
1897-0417-0600 A slow moving spaceship allegedly crashed into a windmill in Aurora, Texas. With one sole occupant who was killed and buried in Aurora. Dallas Morning News reports on the story.  Thought by some to be a hoax by the reporter in order to rescue a dying town. Six years before the invention of the airplane, Americans all over the U.S. are seeing something in their skies. Investigated by MUFON in 1973, and by UFO Hunters later on. If you want to get the feel of the time period and also confuse facts with fantasy, watch the movie The Aurora Encounter(1986). - History Channel(44m26s) - UFO Casebook - UFO Casebook:Aurora - Wiki -

1942-0225 US Army fires 1400 rounds at 6 to 9 UFOs over Los Angeles, California. Six civilians were killed by falling debris and heart attacks.The UFO did not fire back. Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs(at1h08m10s) -  
1944-1213 New York Times: Silver Balls Floating in Air Nazi's Newest War Device (Foo Fighters)
1947-0624 Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot, saw during a flight in Washington state "some 25 miles away, nine saucerlike things, flying like geese in a diagonal formation".
1947-0628 United Airlines pilot witnesses flying discs near Seattle, Washington. - St.Louis Post-Dispatch
1947-0705 United Airlines pilot E. J. Smith witnesses along with his co-pilot flying discs when flying from Boise, Idaho to Portland, Oregon. Smith said he had been skeptical of the reports until he saw one himself. - St.Louis Post-Dispatch -
1947-0707-2235 A Louisville, Kentucky photographer captures on film mysterious streaks in the sky seen by many in northern Kentucky. The Weather Bureau in Louisville said many callers claimed to have seen flying discs. - St. Louis Post-Dispatch -
1947-0708 The Roswell Incident
1947-0710 Shenyang & Xi'an, China. More than 80 "white and rounded objects" flying from the northeast to southwest are witnessed by two office workers. An article about the incident appears four days later in the local newspaper. Read in People's Daily: UFOs visit Shenyang and Xi'an.
1948-0107 The Mantell UFO Incident in Kentucky, USA. - Wiki -
1948-0325 Aztec, New Mexico. Alleged UFO crash portrayed in Frank Scully's 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers.  - UFO Casebook - Wiki -
1948-0707 Laredo, Texas UFO crash. At least two U.S. military aircraft allegedly chased a 90-foot-diameter (27 m) silver disc-shaped UFO, which then crashed. A badly burned body of a non-human entity was recovered from the crash site.  - Wiki -

1950-0317 For three consecutive days a  huge saucer armada is seen over Farmingon, New Mexico by hundreds of townsfolk - hundreds of crafts zooming through the skies, appearing to play tag high in the air. Possibly the same crafts seen later in Las Vegas, NM. Some believe that this had to do with the crashes in Roswell(July 1947) and Aztec(March 1948) - that they flew over in formation as a salute to their fallen comrades.  - Rense - UFO TV(at49m48s)
1950-0424 Varese, Italy. As 42-year-old worker Bruno Facchini goes to investigate the flashing outside his house, he realizes that what he first thought was a military plane in trouble is in fact an alien craft! Seized with panic, he starts running, but turning back, he is shot with a beam of light. Hurt but perfectly conscious, Facchini can hear the hum that he had heard right at the start became louder and a moment later the craft rises and vanishes at a fantastic speed into the darkness of the night.-UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence - 
1950-0511-1930 Paul and Evelyn Trent, and also Paul's father witness a disc-shaped UFO above their farm near McMinnville, Oregon, and before it takes off, Paul manages to take pictures of it. The negatives underwent a thorough investigation, many times over, and were finally returned to the Trents in 1975 by Bruce Maccabee. Never proven false. - Out of the Blue(at1h16m38s) - UFO Casebook - UFO TV(at22m00s) - Wiki -
1951-0210 US Navy flight spots a group of lights over the Atlantic (Lt.Bethune) - YouTube(25m08s) 
1951- Gordon Cooper witnesses UFOs while piloting an F-86 Sabrejet over Western Germany. Metallic, saucer-shaped discs at considerable altitude and they could out-maneuver all American fighter planes. During  two days he could see many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe. - Syti -
1952-0720 UFO sightings over Washington D.C. made headlines: "Flying objects near Washington spotted by both pilots and radar" - with the speed of 7000 miles/h.
1952-0723-0923 Abilene, Texas. The R.J. Cooper family reported seeing a flying saucer. "It was definitely not an airplane. It was a round, silver object. It was headed west, traveling not too fast". Mr.Cooper joins in: "I thought they were just seeing things. I never had seen one of these flying saucers people have reported." Cooper said he couldn't estimate the speed or altitude, but the object was low enough for him to tell that it was round. He judged it to be about 50 feet in diameter. The object stopped, went up and down twice, then headed off to the west and disappeared from view. -  an Abilene newspaper -
1952-0728 Franklin with surroundings in Indiana, USA. Hundreds of people, including police and military personnel, witness three flying saucers over South Central Indiana . - Indianapolis News -
1952-0819-2300 Hardware store worker and scoutmaster D.S. 'Sonny' DesVergers was driving three scouts home in West Palm Beach, Florida as he sees some strange lights, ad upon investigating the matter, he witnesses a UFO hovering above him. He is enveloped by red fuming exhaust, fired upon, and loses consciousness. - Nicap - The Palm Beach Post - UFO Casebook -
1954-1101-0630 40-year old Rosa Lotti witnesses a landed UFO with two 3-feet tall, and friendly, occupants outside the craft in Cennina, Italy. They did snatch some flowers and a stocking from her hands though. Her encounter with the aliens were corroborated by two witnesses - UFO Evidence -
1955-1004 Richard Russell (later U.S. Senator) and two companions witness two disc-shaped UFOs while aboard a train in Soviet Union. The astonished trio reported the sightings to the U.S. Air Force as soon as they were out of Russia, but the report stayed classified until 1985. - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence -
1955-1128-16xx Radio officer Thad Folg witnesses four huge disc-shaped UFOs onboard the Panamanian ship Eagle on route from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to Philadephia. A neighboring ship sent day before a message about a sighting near the Azores in the North Atlantic Ocean. No photos taken. - UFO BC - UFO Casebook -
1957-0503 Edwards AFB, California. Test pilot Gordon Cooper gets to see a film taken by a camera crew of a flying saucer landing almost in front of them - a classic saucer about 30 feet across. As the camera men approached the saucer, it took off. Cooper followed standard procedure: the film was taken to Washington, included in the Project Blue Book, and was never heard of again. - Gordon Cooper in Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFO(at1h04m47s) - UFO Evidence -
1957-0520 25-year old American Air Force pilot Milton Torres is ordered to chase and shoot down a UFO over Norwich, East Anglia, UK. As he locks on his weapons, the UFO suddenly zooms away.  The details of this case were first made public by the British government in October 2008. - UK National Archives - Toronto Sun/2008 - Wiki -
1957-0717-0439 American Air Force plane with a crew of six, followed by a UFO for one and a half hour all the way from Mississippi into Oklahoma, finally make visual contact with whomever is following them, near Duncanville, Texas. Their plane is equipped with ECM (electromagnetic countermeasures) gear, which may have been a reason for the chase. Project Bluebook dismissed the UFO as an airliner. - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence - YouTube(9m56s) -
1957-1016 Antonio Vilas-Boas abduction case in Brazil. Sexual encounter aboard the spacecraft. He went on to become a successful lawyer and still stood by his story over 30 years later.- SciForums -
1957-1102-2300-> Several people witness strange lights and objects during three hours time around midnight in and around Levelland, Texas. Many of the objects sitting on roads, and judging from the witness reports, it was all perhaps one and the same UFO. This is one of the best documented cases of UFO landings - which by the Air Force was labeled 'ball lightning'. - about .com - UFO Casebook - Wiki -
1957-1128-1430 Radio officer Thad Folg snaps a photo of a black, disc-shaped UFO near San Pedro, CA onboard S.S. Ramsay enroute to Vancouver to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. - UFO BC - UFO Casebook -
1958-0116-1215 Trindade Island, 600 miles off the coast of Brazil. Reportedly Captain Viegas was on the deck with several scientists and members of the crew when he suddenly noticed a flying object, which had a "ring" around it, just like Saturn. Witnesses present reportedly saw the UFO at the same time. - UFO Casebook - Wiki -
1958-0908 Military men witness a UFO in Offutt, Nebraska. It was cigar-shaped and surrounded by a thin black cloud. The portent vanished before inexplicably blending into the horizon. UFO Digest
1958-1002-170x Near Blairstown, NJ. Zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson observes a disc-shaped UFO maneuvering over Delaware Water Gap. - UFO Evidence -
1959-0228 Private First Class Gerry Irwin is driving back to base in El Paso, Texas as he encounters a glowing object near Cedar City, Utah. Two days later he wakes up in the city hospital, perplexed. There are a couple of fainting episodes, confusion, investigation into the matter before he returns, as if in a trance, to the site of sighting where he finds his missing jacket, and burns a paper wrapped around a pencil there. And later, some time in July, he simply disappears! - UFO casebook -
1959-0405 Australian Reverend William Booth Gill and others witness UFOs at the village of Boianai in Papua, New Guinea - About -

1960-0813-2350 Red Bluff, Corning, California. Highway Patrol offficers saw a huge object descending in complete silence to about 100 to 200 feet from the ground. The local AF radar station verified that an unidentified object was visible on radar (but later denied it). Later on a second object joined in. - SciForums - UFO Casebook -
1961-0919 Betty & Barney Hill abduction case - Youtube - Debunking effort -
1961-1122-1900 CST While driving towards Grafton on U S. Highway 81, a Minneapolis Honeywell metallurgist Melvin C. Vagle, Jr., sees together with his wife a reddish cigar-shaped UFO hovering at a sharp angle over a plowed field. Earlier the same evening a farmer in the Grafton area had seen a reddish cigar-shaped UFO west of Grafton and reported it to an area newspaper. - UFO Evidence -
1962-03 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. 14-year old Alex Birch takes a picture of five saucer shaped objects in the distance. - BBC -
1964-0829-1900 Kallavesi, Eastern Finland. Local resident Raimo Blomqvist sees an oval glowing object (but with one end oddly curved) over the lake Kallavesi - only 10 meters from him. Then something fell from the object into the shallow water, making a sound that resembled hot metal touching cold water. Mr. Blomqvist went and picked it up, and 11 years later it was carefully studied and found out to be some sort of magnetic material. - FUFORA -
1964-0915 Vanderburg AFB, California. Photo Squadron films a missile when suddenly a UFO is seen hovering around it. Robert Jacobs: "It flew right up to our missile and emitted a vivid flash of light. Then it altered course and hovered briefly over our missile, and then there came a second vivid flash of light. Then the UFO flew around the missile twice and set off two more vivid flashes from different angles, and then it vanished. A few seconds later, our missile was malfunctioning and tumbling out of control." - Out of the Blue(at33m57s) - The Nightsky - UFO Casebook -
1964-1225 'Sonic attacks' in Warminster, England start a series of sightings around the town, and at least one of them caught on film - BBC News
1965-0603 UFO sighting by Ed White and James McDivitt aboard spacecraft Gemini 4. Another one the following day, this time only by McDivitt as White was asleep.
1965-0903 The Exeter UFO sighting - - Youtube-10min - Wiki
1966-0314/20 Michigan sightings. Several people, thereamong many police officers, witness UFOs in Dexter and  Hillside. The Mannor family sees one land. Project Blue Book's Allen Hynek dismisses all as 'swamp gas' - CohenUfo - NICAP - UFO UpdatesYouTube(6m24s) -
1966-0406-1100 Westall UFO incident in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A UFO is witnessed by at least 200 people, mostly pupils and their teachers, watching it from school yards. The craft later ascends over the suburb of Clayton South. The military were swarming around the scene for days, but have offically denied the incident and no record appears to exist. Pupils, now adults, recall school threats of detention for UFO talk, and men in suits telling them to keep quiet. - Herald Sun 2010 - UFO Casebook - Wiki -
1966-0510 Michigan sighting.
1966-06  at 9.45pm. UFO-incident in Nha Trang, Vietnam. "It came from the north and was moving from real slow to real fast...Some of the jet fighter pilots which were here...said it looked to be about 25,000 feet (in altitude)... then the panic broke loose. It dropped right towards us and stopped dead still about 300 to 500 feet up. It made this little valley and the mountains around look like it was the middle of the day; it lit up everything. " UFO Casebook -
1966-08xx Witnesses and radar from Minot AFB, track UFO bigger than a B52. - UFOCongress:Stan Romanek(at6min) -  
1967-02xx Ann Arbor, Michigan. Four residents report objects flying in formation. Grand Haven police confirm the sightings. -  UFO Casebook -

1967-0316 UFO hovering above a nuclear missile site at Malmstrom AFB, Montana. The Minute Man missiles go into no-good condition. - CUFON - NICAP - Out of the Blue(at38m35s) - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence -
1967-0630-1815 Captain Ardanza and crew onboard the Argentinian ship "Naviero" recognized a cylindrical-shaped object in the sea about 120 miles off coast of southern Brazil. The object emited a blue-white light  - the intensity of it was the same everywhere. It was approximately 33 metres long. There came no noise from the object and there were no waves! While the crew was watching the strange submarine it changed its course in direction of the "Naviero", accelerated and dived under the ship, and disappeared in the deeper sea. - UFO Evidence - Water UFO -
1968-0214 Viña del Mar, Chile. Several people see an object clearly and at length in the skies over Viña del Mar. The cigar-shaped, silvery  object was glistening in the sunlight and hovered high in the sky whenl it suddenly began to tilt and plummet toward the ground. As it came really low, it began to turn invisible in the air. The witnesses were able to clearly make out the UFO as it evaporated from front to back, without leaving a single trace in the sky. UFO Digest -
1968-0730-0200 A couple witnesses a dome-shaped UFO hovering about 10 feet off the ground in Claremont, New Hampshire, USA. It finally takes off around 4.30am. The high-pitched humming sound disturbs their sleeping children, and two dogs. An hour before this sighting a similar shaped UFO was seen in the same area. - NICAP - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence - 
1968-0829 New Norway, Alberta, Canada. Three flying saucers witnessed by 13-year old James H.Baker  whose first abduction occurred in childhood.
1968-1126-2140 Mr. J.A. Wyatt and Christopher Bolton were followed by a circular light while driving between Maitland and Port Victoria, Yorke Peninsular in South Australia. The UFO came within 200-300 yards of the car and travelled parallel to it. - UFO Evidence -
1969-02xx-2300 Heinola, Finland. 16-year old Matti Kontulainen sees something very strange in a forest as he is skiing home. The place is curiously enough only 100 m or so from the slope where Heinonen and Viljo have their encounter one year after. "It was dark but suddenly the forest was lit up by an intense light which rushed just above the treetops at so low an altitude that I threw myself down in the snow". - UFO Evidence -
1969-0429 About 20 military pilots taking part of a training camp observed seven yellow balls hovering about 2000 meters above their airfield in Pori, Southwestern Finland. One of the pilots already in the air, Tarmo Tukeva, gave chase to study the objects closer, but they sped away so fast towards the North that the jet had no chance to reach them.  - FUFORA - Video by Juhan af Grann:VisitorsFromSpace(first2min)
1969-summer Buenos Aires, Argentina. Several people, including student Luis Esteban Martín, traveled by microbus through Florencio Varela in Buenos Aires when suddenly an oval-shaped, large object appeared before them, following a rising trajectory to the north. It emitted an intense bluish light. Within seconds it appeared to explode in the air, but without making the slightest noise. - UFO Digest
1969-10xx Governor Jimmy Carter reports his UFO experience.

1970-0107-1645 Two skiers by the names of Heinonen and Viljo see a longish object in the sky at Imjärvi in Heinola, southeast Finland - seen by two other witnesses from two different locations. A bit later the men saw a smaller object -  a round disc - and then a small creature in a lightgreen uniform beside the disc. The humanoid had a black box which radiated light, regularly changing in intensity. Both men suffered aftereffects for months, and one of them claims that he has since become a UFO contactee. - FUFORAUFO Evidence - Wiki(Fin) -
1970-0813-2230 Danish police officer Evald Maarup Hansen witnesses a UFO in Haderslev, Denmark. While driving home, his car becomes enveloped in a powerful bluish light, the car engine stops, and so does the car radio. He realizes that the light is actually a flying machine of elliptical shape, metallic appearance, now rising in the sky. Maarup manages to take pictures of the object (they wouldn't show much more than a gleam of light though) before the craft flies away at high speed. - Ekstrabladet(Danish) - SUFOI(Danish) - UFO EVIDENCE -
1971-0103-0615 Kuusamo, Northern Finland. Mauno and Martta Talala are drinking their morning coffee when they see a very bright light approaching from Lake Saapunki - also seen by others living on the lake. Suddenly their yard is bathed in bright light by a big lightball which shortly thereafter rises up and disappears. What is left on the ground is a very strange phenomenon: ice sticks upwards with small ice balls on top! Later on these ice sticks - which soon melted - were sent to research labs in both Finland and England. In the samples was found plantcell tissue plus calium, calsium, iron, cloridium and titanium. - FUFORA - Wiki(Fin) 
1972-0105 A man is driving from work in Penrith toward his home in Windsor - two suburbs of Sydney - when he is pursued by a blinding light for 13 miles. The object's distance from the car varies, and when he finally brings his car to a half and stands ready with his car spotlight to meet the object, it disappears. - UFO Evidence -
1972-0915-1730 Australian engineer and UFO researcher Bill Chalker witnesses, along with many others, an egg-shaped object in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. - UFO Evidence -
1972-1216-0130 Greg Hardy witnesses a UFO while driving a tractor near Garah, New South Wales, Australia. The object flies towards him some 3 meters above the ground, shining a bright light.A truck driver also claimed to have seen the object early on that Saturday night. - UFO Evidence -
1973-010x Elisabeth C and four others in her car witness a disc-shaped UFO in Nowra in New South Wales, Australia. One of them, an army officer, is certain that figures could be seen in the windows of the object. Nearby Navy that had even questioned witnesses, later denied all knowledge of the incident. - UFO Evidence -
1973-05xx The Doraty Abduction Case in Houston, Texas. While driving home to Texas City, 33-year old Judy Doraty and her three female relatives see a light in the sky. Later during regressive hypnosis she would tell how she was taken aboard an extra-terrestrial spacecraft. Also her 14-year old daughter Cindy, and a cow which was methodically mutilated by two "small entities." Footage of this regression was included in the documentary "Strange Harvests" by Linda Moulton-Howe. - UFO Casebook -
1973-0714 Danish police officer Evald Maarup Hansen has his second UFO sighting in three years in Haderslev, Denmark. He is able to take pictures of the object, but once again they are unclear. - Ekstrabladet(Danish) - UFO EVIDENCE -
1973-1011 Pascagoula River, Mississippi. Co-workers Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claim they were abducted by aliens while fishing near Pascagoula, Mississippi. Among the best-known claims of alien abduction. - DailyMail2013 - UFO Evidence - Wiki -
1973-1028-0115 Near Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Truck driver Dionisio Llanca was driving his Dodge 600 from Bahia Blanca to Río Gallegos when he stopped to change a tire. He then saw an object in the sky, and three Nordic type beings he described as two men and a woman who subjected him to some form of medical testing. He awoke a couple of hours later approximately 9 kilometers away, in a state of total amnesia which lasted almost three days. The case was investigated by UFO researcher Fabio Zerpa and published on his book El Reino Subterráneo. - Inexplicata - The Night Sky - Wiki -
1973-1210-2030 Egg-shaped UFO is seen by the proprietor Mr. Lennartz and also the caretaker of an alpine lodge in Hochries Mountain in Germany.  - UFO Evidence -
1972-xxx-1400 (Sat) Ft. Stockton, Texas. Carl Wilson, a teenage boy is with his dad and brother delivering soda bottles when they witness from inside the car a very large boomerang-shaped silver object hovering about 50 feet above a school building. Later they see more objects. The whole incident lasts over three hours, and the strangest things was that everyone - including his dad and brother - behaved like they didn't care at all. - The Vike Factor:Update! - UFO EVIDENCE -
1974-0823 John Lennon witnesses a UFO from his New York  balcony together with May Bang, and the same cigar-shaped UFO is seen by many other New Yorkers.
1974-0825 The Coyame UFO Incident in Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico. Midair collision between a Cessna 180 and a UFO. The U.S. military, despite the declination of the Mexican government, entered the crash site in Mexico, where they found dead Mexicans near the crash site. The damaged disc is transported to an AFB in the U.S. The UFO had flown over Zone of Silence, well-known for its strange magnetic qualities  - HistoryChannel:UfoHunters(at20m15s) - UFO CasebookWiki:TheCoaymeIncident -
1974-1031-1900 John and Rosa Waidner witness a disc-shaped UFO while driving from Surrey towards New Westminster in British Columbia, Canada.- UFO Evidence -
1976-0430-1715-> A USO breaks with great power through the ice of Lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden. The ice was still over 20 cm thick, but three witnesses report about a grey object about 10 meters long tearing a channel through the ice  -it caused an over 800 metres long and 4 metres wide "channel" in the ice while it was moving and cracking with a speed of nearly 100 km/h before it was flying up to the sky without any damage! - UFO EVIDENCE - Water UFO -
1976-0919-morning. Iranian military flight has contact with UFO. Remains one of the most well-documented military encounters with anomalous phenomena in history -Wiki
1976-1112-0145 Talavera Air Force Base, Badajoz County, Spain. Three Spanish soldiers claim to have met a three meter tall being with phosphor clothes. José Trejo, one of the soldiers, was paralyzed temporarily and fell down. The other soldiers came and shot towards the being with their machine guns. They saw a bright flash, and the being disappeared. Afterwards José Trejo experienced some loss of sight and memory; later he had parapsychological experiences. - FUFORA - Project Paranormal - Wiki
1976-1112-2000 Oulu, Northern Finland. Seven teenagers were spending an evening together in a self-made cottage amidst trees in Rusko when they see a strange light far in the sky - also seen by others in the area.  Later they see two bright lightballs hovering one meter above the ground, about 20 meters from the cottage. Two boys go out, wanting to have a closer look. When one of them is about 10 meters from the balls, a lightbeam hits him. He falls down and loses consciousness. - FUFORA -
1977-0922 Edwin Almenas observes a fireball type UFO on his way from Cabo Rojo to Joyuda, Puerto Rico. The following evening he sees a similar thing, hears strange voices in his head, and encounters a three-foot tall humanoid figure enveloped in a sort of brilliant halo. - UFO Digest
1977-092x-2300 62-year old housewife Ethel May Field witnesses a dome-shaped UFO in Parkstone, Dorset, UK, and observes also two humanoids inside it. She protects her eyes from the bright light, and has (therefore?) later trouble with the skin on her palms.  - UFO Evidence -
1977-1129-0100 Tuolumne, California. A woman living on Belleview Rd. sees UFOs near her home, twice. The first sighting was from her bedroom window between 1 and 1:30 a.m in the eastern sky. "It would move up and down, then sideways. The object was red and oblong in shape with lights on it". She went out again about 5 a.m. and saw two objects together with flashing green lights, this time in the west. Her husband came out and also saw them. "They weren't stars because they were moving. I've heard people say they saw those things and I never believed them, but I saw them with my own eyes". - Union Democrat/MUFON -
1978-0510-0700 The Emilcin abduction case. Farmer Jan Wolski from the village of Emilcin, Poland was driving his horse cart along a country road when he met with humanoids that took him onto their craft, hovering close to the ground. They communicated with Wolski by gestures. Later on Wolski, his two sons and four neighbors verified a presence of 'strange footprints'on the clearing where the spacecraft had been. An additional witness, 6-year old Adas Popiolek, had seen a strange aircraft flying very low over the barn. In 2005 the Wolski case became the first alien abduction anywhere in the world to have its own memorial. - Godlike Productions - Open Minds - UFO Casebook - UFO Digest -Wiki - YouTube(10m30s/Polish) -
1978- British police officer Tony Dodd witnesses a glowing domed disc with three hemispherical projections on its underside (see 1989 South Africa).
1978- Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich witnesses together with other passengers a very bright, white triangle-shaped UFO while flying home from Washington D.C. in 1978. - Out of the Blue(at45ms25) -
1978-1021-1912 The Valentich Disappearance. 20-year-old Frederick Valentich is flying his Cessna 182 over Bass Strait in Australia when he observes an unknown craft accompanying him. He informs the air traffic control, and then the radio dies. No trace of a possible crash is found. The UFO was also captured on film by a ground-based witness, seen ascending from the sea. - The radio transmission - UFO Casebook - Wiki -
1979-0319-0001-> A fleet of UFOs is seen in Pahkakoski, Northern Finland. Excavator Teuvo Kovalainen notices red lights in the forest on three separate occasions, and finally alerts a co-worker to look at them. A
bright object looms about 10 meters above ground, obviously some sort of craft. Then another one is seen. Then more than a dozen, too many to count as the lights constantly move. During the whole time the objects give off neither flame, smoke nor any other exhaust, nor do they make any sound. One by one all the objects begin slowly moving away to the west, the last object still visible at 5.45 am when day had already broken. - - FUFORA(Fin) -
1979-1109-1000-> Dechmont Woods Abduction Case near Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. 61-year old Robert Taylor, while working in the forest of Dechmond Law, saw what he described as a large, spheroid object hovering above the forest floor. Soon two smaller spheres with spikes dropped from underneath the larger sphere, began to roll towards him, and took hold of him. He lost consciousness, and when he regained it, the spheres were gone, his dog frantic, and he weak and unable to speak until much later. - Daily Record 2013 - UFO Casebook - Wiki - YouTube:The West Lothian Question -
1979-1111 Manises near Valencia, Spain. - YouTube(Spanish) - Wiki

1980-0731 Cigar-shaped UFO dives after a skillful maneuveur into a lake in Muddus Nationalpark in Northern Sweden (AB/Sweden)
1980-1229 UFO sighting in US military base at Bentwaters, England. Liftoff 02.45. Known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Halt's memo - Youtube - Wiki
1980-1229 Cash-Landrum Incident in Dayton, Texas. A reported UFO sighting, which witnesses insist was responsible for damage to their health - one of very few UFO cases to result in civil court proceedings.
1981-0108-1700 The 55-year old Farmer Renato Nicolai sees a small saucer landing on his yard in Trans-En-Province, France, and then take off. Investigated by the local gendarmie and GEPAN. - Out of the Blue(atms) - UFO Casebook -UFO Evidence -
1981-10x The Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner, while returning to Katmandu after an unsuccessful attempt on Mount Chamlang, spotted a UFO as it drifted slowly southward from Tibet into Nepal. His climbing partner Doug Scott also saw the object, as did a nearby joint Polish-British expedition, though at a different time. "It could not be a satellite because they move in an eliptical manner. The movements of this object were irregular."- UPI 10/10-1981 - UFO Evidence -
1982-summer-0430  A 15-year old Danish boy is riding his bicycle to his summer job on the island of Fyn in Denmark as he sees a strong light 50-60 meters above the ground. He gets off his bike and walks towards a luminous object which looks like two deep plates set against each other, about 2 meters high and 2 meters in diameter. 10-15 meters from the object he sees five beings who look like humans, except that they are only 60 cm tall, have a large head and chest, narrow hips and short legs. - Ekstrabladet(Danish) -
1983-0324 Southbury, New Haven, Brookhaven, Yorktown (Connecticut) - UFO Casebook -
1983-1107 British police officer Tony Dodd, who had had previous sightings as well, witnesses a glowing form near Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire. Photographs taken by him were assessed by Ground Saucer Watch as 'one of the few genuine photographs from the UK'.  - Project Camelot -
1984-0724-2220 UFO sighting in Brewster, NY. Video by Bob Pozzuoli. - YouTube(59s) -
1986-1117-1711 A JAL cargo plane - Boeing 747 - enroute from Paris to Tokyo, is flying over Alaska as the crew witnesses two UFO to their left. Captain Kenju Terauchi reports the incident, which is seen in Anchorage radar. Two smaller discs, later accompanied by a much larger object which flew so close to the jet that the pilot requested a change of course to avoid colliding with it. - Mohave Daily Miner - Nicap - UFO Evidence - UFO Hunters(at30m20s) - YouTube -YouTube:JALflight 1628Recreation(7m23s)  - Wiki
1987 - UFO sighting - "the HudsonValley UFO" - near Southbury, Connecticut, videoed by a state trooper.
1987-1119-1900 Barbara and Brett Forrest witness a triangle-shaped UFO near their home in Brierley Hill, UK  - BBC 2007 -
1988-0120-0400 The Knowles family encounter with a rather hostile or at the very least a curious UFO in Nullarbor Plain, Queensland, Australia. The UFO gives chase, seems to land on the roof of their car and then lift it in the air. Their heads/minds were somehow tampered with. - Ufo Research Queensland -
1989-0505 Cape Town, South Africa. South African Air Force fighters took off to intercept a strange object that had penetrated South African airspace. One of the pilots fired at the intruder, using a new laser guided weapon, forcing it to land across the border in Botswana. Onboard the UFO were humanoids, who looked amazingly like those found at Roswell. They were short and had only three fingers with long nails. On each hand between the fingers was a fold of skin. Their eyes were wide and slanted, and their skin was a bluish gray. The incident was investigated by Tony Dodd, who served for 25 years as a police officer. 
"The UFO came down and crashed in the Kalahari Desert. And when the authorities retrieved the UFO which was intact, two live alien beings were found inside it. The craft and creatures were eventually transported to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in America. This information came to us from South African Intelligence sources."  - Transcript from Visitors from Space(at11min) -
1989-0927-1830 According to TASS a shining disc-shaped UFO landed in Voronezh, Russia, Soviet Union. Witnessed by twelve lower-school children playing soccer and 30 - 40 adults waiting at a nearby bus stop. They also saw tall creatures, one of which shot at a boy, making him disappear for a while. Fantasy? There were reports of sightings also days before and after the event.  - About - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence -
1989-1129-1750 Eupen, Belgium. Two gendarmes observe a large craft with triangular shape over the town of Eupen. It hovers above a field which it illuminated with three powerful beams that are emanated from large circular surfaces near the triangle's corners. The object does not make any noise, and is seen by different witnesses as it flies above houses and near City Hall. Within an hour the same two police officers witness another triangular platform - only this time much larger - appear from almost ground level behind a large area of trees. All in all the sightings lasted over 2 hours. - UFO Evidence - V-J-Enterprises -
1989-1129 This date started the socalled Belgian UFO Wave which was to last until April 1990, and peaked with what happened end of March. Hundreds of reports of lighted objects, frequently described as enormous and triangular in shape. Air Force supersonic F-16 jets chased these strange objects, which were simultaneously tracked by both airborne and ground radars. The Belgian Government cooperated fully with civilian UFO investigators, an action without precedent in the history of government involvement in this field. - - Cohen UFO - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence - Wiki:BelgianUfoWave -
1989-1201-175x Near Liege, Belgium. Air force meteorologist Valenzano Francesco was driving with his daughter through the town of Ans when he saw a triangular UFO. "I looked up and I saw a flying object at a very low altitude of 100 to 150 metres. What attracted my attention was the blue and red lights around the object. When it was above us, we saw three big 'headlights' pointing downwards." - Sunday Express -

1990-0202-0115 Amateur astronomer by the name of Gutschke observes some 70 meters long triangle-shaped UFO in Hamburg, Germany - UFO Evidence -
1990-0330-2250 Glons, Belgium. The culmination of the Belgian UFO Wave. Three unusual lights forming an equilateral triangle are reported. NATO facility at Semmerzake decides to scramble two F-16 fighters. The pilots establish visual contact, but each time they are able to secure a lock on a target, there is a drastic change in the behavior of the target..It is like a cat and mouse game, and the triangular craft is finally lost in the night lights of Brussels. The fighter pilots reported that the UFO had made maneuvers at speeds beyond the capability of their technology, and once the radar showed the craft drop from 10,000 to 500 feet in 5 seconds! - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence
1991-0711 Mexico City, Mexico - - Mystery History TV - Tucson Citizen - Wikia -
1992-1220 Near Langeness, Iceland. Iceland's Navy tracks three large UFOs as they are coming down and entering the sea off the east coast of Iceland. Other witnesses confirm seeing these UFOs, and they were also tracked on radar. - National UFO Center -
1992-1221 Iceland. Some Icelandic fishermen report seeing large underwater craft, with flashing colored lights. They appeared to be tracked by (or be tracking) a glowing object in the sky traveling southward in the direction of Scotland. The underwater craft caused a lot of damage to the fishermen's trawler nets. The fishermen were used to submarine activity in the area, but said these particular craft were definitely not normal submarines - they moved too fast through the water, had flashing lights, and were far larger than anything they had seen before. Two days later Icelandic Navy and coastguard joined by NATO ships start investigating the area. - according to newspapers 'tracking large underwater craft, thought to be a new breed of Russian super submarine'. The operation continues for months. - AlienInvestigator: AtlanticAlienBase (excerpt from the 1999 book by Tony Dodd) - Crowded Skies - National UFO Center - UFO Planet -
1992-1230 UFO filmed in Marro Caritas, Brazil
1993-0309-002x An elderly couple sees a bright light outside their bedroom window in Braunschweig, Germany. Paralysed, they are unable to get to the window, but later get to see the disc-shaped UFO from another window, before it dissolves into thin air. Details of their story point to an abduction background. The UFO was also seen by others. - UFO Evidence -
1993-0331 Several police constables witness a triangular UFO near the Briston Channel, UK - North Devon Journal -
1993-0529 UFO filmed in Stuttgart, Germany YouTube(1m30s) by Kai Metzger.
1993-0803 Two police constables on patrol witness a circular-shaped UFO which emitted no noise over Camborne - North Devon Journal -
1994-0316 South Bound Brook, New Jersey. A woman, driving with her two grown daughters, stopped at a traffic light on Queens Bridge above the Raritan River when they see a UFO with flashing multicolored lights hovering at window level above the river, very close to them. - New York Times -
1994-0505 UFO filmed in Juarez, Mexico
1994-0916 62 school children aged 5-12 of Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe tell their teachers that a UFO had landed on the school yard, and that they had seen a small being appear on top of the object, then walk toward the students, and noticing them, vanish and then reappear at the back of the object. The object then took off and vanished. The children were interviewed by Cynthia Hind the day after the event, and by John Mack later on. The older students had felt that the creatures communicated with them, telling that we humans are destroying our planet. - John E Mack Institute - UFO Evidence - YouTube(15m29s) -
1994-1030 New York. 35-year old sign painter and mural artist Robert F. Coar sees a UFO passing over about 100 feet up his Fifth Avenue neighborhood. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but there it was, this thing about the size of a tractor-trailer, shaped like a shoe box with pulsating red and orange lights." He reported his sighting to a neighbor who wouldn't believe him, but who ten minutes later, driving with a relative to a local shop, sees something extraordinary: "We saw it, exactly as Bob described! It had these big orange and yellow lights, and it didn't make a sound." - New York Times -
1995-0106 A near miss between a passenger plane and a UFO near Manchester Airport - BBC News
1995-0203 UFO filmed in Beijing, China -YouTube
1995-0330-0830 Farmer Jan Pienaar observes a landed UFO - a huge, shining disc-shaped craft standing on three landing pods - and obviously about to make repairs on its hull in Transvaal, South Africa. Afrikaanse Sonntagzeitung Rapport writes a story about it. - UFO Evidence -
1995-0929-2130 Viborg, Denmark. Claus Lundholm witnesses a UFO on his way home from inlaws. His dog starts behaving erratically in the car, and soon the car as well. And moments later a 12-15 meter wide disc hovers above his car, so low that he feels he could almost touch it. The bright lights of the disc are seen from afar by another witness. - Jyllands-Posten/Danish -
1995-1018 Hundreds of people gather at the village of Tanjung Sepat, south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to have a glimpse of a UFO after The New Straits Times reported that a UFO had been sighted there at least four times since September. The spaceship was said to be big as a football field and several stories high, and encircled by flashing red, orange and green lights. It was also said to be occupied by 60 centimeter tall extraterrestials with long ears and little red eyes. The Malaysian Air Force dismissed the alleged sightings. - a Malaysian forum - UFO Evidence -
1996-0120 The Varginha UFO/EBE incident. A series of events involving the alleged sighting and capture by the military of extraterrestrial beings in Varginha, Brazil, preceded by a UFO sighting. One of the EBEs was poorly and easily captured by the search party. Three protrusions atop of it's head, glowing red eyes, long arms, short legs, big feet, and it smelled like ammoniac. There were reports of as many as seven being captured that day. A few weeks after the events Marco Eli Cherese, a 23 year old military policeman involved in the investigation, died. Later the government denied any claims of being involved in the capture of EBEs. - UFO CasebookWiki -
1996-07xx-0150 Twin sisters witness a giant cigar-shaped UFO hovering over the Haystack Mountain in Yukon territory, Canada, and then disappear behind it in a 45 degree angle. About a dozen smaller objects appear to be going in and out of the larger ship. The sisters later on found that they were missing two hours from their journey. - UFO Evidence -
1996-0714 A UFO is video filmed hovering in the air in Växjö, Sweden - Out of the Blue(at6m28s) -
1996-0715 Bright yellow light fired laser beams at ground in Upton, England - The Telegraph 
1996-1027 Lajos Kosina in Erpatak, Hungary took a photo of his girlfriend, and realized only after developing the film that there was a disc-shaped UFO in the sky in the background. Investigated by the Hungarian UFO Network (HUFON) and found authentic. - UFO Evidence -
1997-0313 Phoenix Lights - Youtube - The Ley family testimonyWiki
1997-0622-2345 Mysterious aircaft is seen hovering over Tintagel, North Cornwall, UK - North Devon Journal 2010 -
1997-0806 UFO filmed in Mexico City, Mexico - UFO Evidence -
1998-0407 UFO filmed by Rob Dickinson in England
1999-0220-1525 Kiev, Ukraine. Yury Korzhenevsky witnesses a UFO in the sky above an empty space at a distance of about 250 meters and a height of 25 to 30 meters. "I saw a silver, disc-shaped UFO with a diameter of between 1 and 1.5 meters. The object hung in the air, lightly rocking from one side to the other. The sighting lasted from 15 to 20 seconds. The sky was then covered with clouds." - The Moscow Times -

2000-0105-0400-> A huge, V-shaped UFO is seen by several people, thereamong police officers, hovering over St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties in Illinois, USA. Melvern Noll: "It looked just like a flying house with windows in the top and bottom. There were big windows, about two and a half feet wide and five or six feet high, two stories, one on top of each other." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - UFO Casebook -
2001-0104-1200/1600 Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK. A 58-year man and his wife, a police officer, observe a very bright oval shaped object rise up from behind a house while driving home. The object then suddenly disappears, and oddly enough the couple later have a different recollection as to the location and time of sighting. - UFO Evidence -

2001-0714 New Jersey Turnpike. Several people witness an array of yellow lights flow in formation late in the evening and into the early morning of the following day. Later, around 12:30 a.m., police officer Dan Tarrant saw  “16 golden-orange colored lights, several in a V-type formation. Others were scattered around the V."  He saw the mysterious lights flash across the sky for about 10 minutes, and then one-by-one fade into darkness. National Geographic Channel -
2002-04xx Ewing, Kentucky. Tom H. and his wife were driving home on a highway when they saw some lights. When they got home, they notice at the end of the drive a black triangle with 3 dimly lit lights - making no sound and just barely clearing the trees, traveling very slowly. - Note. The year might be 2003 instead. - The Black Triangle - UFO Evidence -
2003-0811-0435 CE3. Lech Chacinski was driving down the road near Szczecinek, Poland when he saw three figures in uniforms similar to that of an astronaut. But they were no astronauts. Chacinski stopped the car, and had the weirdest telepathic communication with the beings who said they were from the "Eight Galaxy." They had come to deliver a message to the inhabitants of Earth: 'we should care about our planet; our water and air. If we neglect our environment, they will cause our destruction'. This area of the encounter is also one where crop circles often appear. - UFO Casebook - UFO Evidence -YouTube(7m10s/Polish) -
2003-1226-143x Huntington, Indiana,USA. Three law officers observe a shape-shifting, circular, dome-shaped object low in the sky that after a while shoots straight back north. Oddly enough, no civilian calls 911 - the three officers may have been the only ones to see it. "I can't imagine how it could possibly be anything I could relate to. The object would stop and then spin slowly, a maneuver no known aircraft can accomplish. I was never really afraid, just in total amazement." There were no records of any out-of-the-ordinary craft making either a takeoff or landings at the nearby airfields. - UFO Evidence -
2004-0127 Retford, Nottinghamshire, UK. Alex Birch takes a picture of a UFO. - BBC -  
2004-0610 Guadalajara, Mexico. UFO fleet - Naked Science Forum - YouTube(2m16s) 
2004-11xx Iranian Airforce attempted to shoot down something that the Iranian sources called 'CIA’s intelligence drones'. These displayed astonishing flight characteristics, including an ability to fly outside the atmosphere, attain a maximum cruise speed of Mach 10, yet were able to hover over a target. Finally, their powerful ECM jammed enemy radars and disrupted navigation systems. Pilots described the objects as being "spherical, with something like a green afterburner creating a considerable amount of turbulence behind it,” according to the article in Combat Aircraft Monthly(Oct2013). The intruder then increased its speed and “disappeared like a meteor.” - Forbes/2014 -
2005-1008-0705 52-year old Catholic lay minister George Gregory Matanjun and his wife witness a UFO emerging from the sea in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and then fly towards the local airport. The UFO had a curved top and a round large ball-like bottom. - UFO Evidence -
2006-1107-1615 CST Chigago O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting. - Chicago TribuneWiki -
2007-0107 Two USAF F-15s are scrambled from Lakenheath in England and asked to intercept a target picked up on radar. They witness a small round, rocklike UFO, but which seems to be under intelligent control. Investigated by Philip Mansell - UFO Hunters(at29m45s) -
2007-0423-1500 Alderney, England. Aurigny Airlines pilot Ray Bowyer spots a yellow, gigantic (thousands of feet long) cigar-shaped UFO over the English Channel. Jersey Airtraffic Control confirms the object in radar. A second pilot in the air confirms the sighting, and then a second object is seen by the AA pilot. - UFO Hunters(at01m30s) - Wiki -

2007-0828-0245 Seattle, Washington. A Seattle couple are out on the balcony viewing a lunar eclipse, ready with their Nikon D90 digital camera on a tripod, when they see a silent, triangular craft with an array of circular lights, perhaps 11-13 lights, just gliding by. The man manages to snap three shots, but camera was setup to film the moon so nothing really came out in the pictures. - UFO Evidence -
2008-0108 Stephenville, Texas. One of the larger UFO sightings in the United States. Dozens of witnesses report a large object in the evening sky that hovered above the community before it took off at high speed. - About - Stephenville Lights - Wiki - Wikinews:MufonReport -
2008-0207-0215 Murrieta, California. A Marine Logistics Officer stepped outside his front door to see what the strange sound he heard could be. He saw a very large square, possibly triangular craft, spinning from right to left and making slow banking maneuvers. He managed to take a picture with his cell phone. - UFO Evidence -
2008-0702-0353 Night guard Yalcin Yalman films - once again - a UFO, this time also with the possible crew in sight near Istanbul, Turkey. - Dr. Roger Leir - Nettavisen(Norwegian) - SiriusUFO(in2parts) - Turkey UFO Incident - Wiki -
2008-0728 Lara Lane with family witnesses a rod-shaped UFO over Saunton Beach, UK, and watched it for around ten minutes in total - North Devon Journal -
2008-10 Swarms of UFOs over Seoul, South Korea - YouTube
Photo by Derek Burden 2009
2009-03 Derek Burden took a photograph of London skyline, only later to realize the lights on it. The Telegraph -
2009-0823-2200 Chongqing, China. A "V" shaped UFO is witnessed by hundreds of people. Its color changed in the order of red, blue, green, yellow and white at short intervals. No one heard any sound produced by engines or propulsion equipment. - China Daily
2009-0921-2045 Cigar-shaped UFO seen and photographed near Exeter, UK - North Devon Journal 2009 -

2010-0517-2130 A southward-bound  orange ball is seen on a perfect course across the sky over Stourbridge, England - BBC News -
2010-1013 NewYork, NY - YouTube(3m57s) - YouTube:Media(4m53s) -
2010-1015 Devon, South West England. Mystery object spotted in the sky  - BBC News 
2010-1020 Dallas, TX + Mansfield,UK + France - The TBTS
2010-1209-1111 Saratoga County, NY - YouTube(3m59s)
2012-02xx Two siblings are riding snowmobile in a forest somewhere in Sweden. The brother is sitting in a sledge (which is drawn by his sister riding the mobile) as he sees a disc-shaped UFO hovering at tree level a few hundred meters from them, and then fly forward over and behind the tree tops. He tries to tell his sister to stop riding in order to see better. Is the video too good to be true? Verification is hard without full cooperation of the filmer, but the footage has been studied extensively - YouTube(55s) - With interview - UFO Sweden Compilation(11m07s) - Aftonbladet(Swedish) -
2012-0307 (P) Albertslund in Copenhagen, Denmark. "I recall the color as being red and yellow as primary colors, being that the object didn't seem to have a color, more like, produce light in those 2 main colors. Funny thing about the yellow as it would pulsate or give the viewer the sense that it was rotating around the other color". - YouTube(1m51s)
2012-1230-085x Gatwick, London, UK. Pilots of three passenger planes see two UFOs above Britain's Scientology base as they land at Gatwick. Air traffic control then spots six UFOs on their radars before they suddenly disappear. - Daily Mail -
2013-0331 Multiple UFOs sighted in Japan - video(27s) of over 20 bright orbs moving around freely at great speeds. - The Epoch Times -
2013-0525-1935 A man is videofilming chemtrails in Phoenix, Arizona, and only notices them. But later on playing the video back he also notices a UFO around the chemtrails. The realization makes him conclude that "it is possible that some optical frequencies are only discernible by digital or electronic means and unavailable to the human eye. UFO craft could be present in our atmosphere even when we believe they are not there. Very exciting thought indeed". - Liberty Voice -
2013-0605 Nordskoven Forest. Two diamond-shaped UFOs filmed by David Olsen with a Sony HD cam. - YouTube(2m37s)
2013-0606 Reading, England. A daytime sighting, video shows two UFOs moving from behind the clouds,  in a somewhat playful way. - UFOFilesTV(1m1s) -
2013-0613 London. UFO seen passing very fast behind a news studio. On video by Russia Today   
2013-0727 Mysterious lights that look like a triangel-shaped UFO appear over Kansas City, Kansas - and also Tucson City, Arizona. -IBT/Australia -
2013-0806-2200 Braggs, Oklahoma - UFO Casebook
2013-0901-2150 Ajax, Ontario. Triangle shaped, sighting lasted ca 1 minute. Hovering perhaps over Pickering Nuclear Station - UFO Casebook
2013-0914 Selmer, Tennessee. Cigar-shaped, stationary UFO - UFO Casebook
2013-0926 Luleå, Northern Sweden. Cigar-shaped UFO flies southeast of Luleå. UFOFilesTV(53s)
2013-1008 USO sighting. Filmed during a boat trip from the Island of Pag to the main land in Croatia. Like so often is the case, there are no splashes at the dive, and some kind of blue light is seen just before the dive which could have something to do with the of absence of splashes. - UFOFilesTV(2m02s) -
2013-1020 UFO sighting in Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan. According to the authors of the video (taken from a window of an apartment building ), the flying disk was hovering over the buildings for some time, but promptly flied away when they started filming. -
2013-1201 A family witnesses four UFOs high up in the sky over Mt Annan, Australia. "They were distinctly round, definitely not a plane of any sort. They glided very fast and with no sound. The first was a green glowing disc, the shape was very prominent". Five minutes later another one showed up, white and smaller, travelling the same route. Shortly afterwards a red disc appeared, and then a white one in another direction. - IBT/Australia - The Telegraph/Dec6
2013-1205-2300 A man taking out the trash sees strange lights in Cleveland, Queensland, Australia. He also takes a picture of it. "The light in the sky was dancing somewhat, so I grabbed the camera and started snapping away. The whole thing only lasted a few minutes but it wasn't until I looked more closely at the images I wondered what I had actually taken. There were no planes in the area at the time of taking the photos that I could see." - IBT/Australia - The Telegraph -
2013-1219-1754 Right after leaving his workplace in Andover, Massachusetts, a man witnesses a triangle-shaped UFO (outlines not seen but the lights suggest a triangle) accompanied by a fourth light. Then more lights appear, perhaps 12 in total. All lights travel at a constant speed and on the same linear path, and seem to eventually disappear. - Mirror - YouTube(36s) -
2013-1225-1640 Several witnesses posted videos of three white lights that they had seen in the skies over Tokyo, Japan. - Open Minds - Otakuma Keizai Shinbun(Japanese) -

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